“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
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Nicke Gorney

Nicke Gorney


Born in Montreal

Nicke Gorney wanted to be a writer until she studied the mythical narratives of Rossetti, the satire of Marcel Duchamps, the characters of Brancusi and Archipenko and the interior settings of Rothko and de Kooning. Born in Montréal to a French Canadian mother and an American father, she was raised in both Montréal and New York. She was drawn back to New York in the early ‘80s when Soho and the East Village art scenes were exploding with new talent. In 1990, she moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn and launched the Art Farm where international poets, writers and artists performed and exhibited their work. Her work has been exhibited at a multitude of venues throughout New York and Long Island, as well as Montréal.

Gorney’s process is multifaceted. Seduced by color and luminosity, she’s fascinated by the way light passes through color in infinite variations. Her work defies absolutes as she constructs and deconstructs abstract forms to reveal her process. Lines are architectural focal points, whose boundaries shift seamlessly in unexpected directions and transform into paintings of profound elegance. The ethereal nature of her work is evident. Balancing control with experimentation, her approach has been compared to a jazz musician’s whose improvisations infuse a spiritual element that breaks through the contours of classical forms.

Gorney’s Over Paintings, paintings over photographs, began with a series of recycled test prints she shot in a cinematic context. Over time, the photographs insinuated themselves further into her work, influencing palette, motion and sensibility. She was captivated by their ambience, and found within them a hidden iconography. The interior in the abstract. The blending and juxtaposition of color in layers create transparency in her work, like windows into the interior. As one collector and critic observed, “One doesn’t look at a Gorney painting, one looks through it.”

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