“An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.”
James Whistler (1843-1903)
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Mario Bencomo

Mario Bencomo


Born Pinar del Rio, Cuba, 1953

Identified early on as a major talent, Bencomo was included in the 1983 prestigious traveling exhibition The Miami Generation: Nine Cuban American Artists.  He has been the subject of many critical essays and his works can be found in some twenty museums including the Metropolitan Museum of New York, Detroit Institute of Art, Lowe Museum, Miami, Florida and in numerous important private collections.

He has lectured and talked about his work in many cultural institutions and museums, including the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale; Museum of Contemporary Art, Republic of Panama; Lowe Art Museum, Miami; Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, New York City; Florida International University, Miami; Costa Rican Art Museum, San Jose; University of Florida, Gainesville; Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC, among others.

Bencomo’s work is representative of his refreshing candor, his profound spirituality, and his optimistic belief in love.  His paintings and drawings of lush and fecund natural forms – seed pods and thorns – refer to his recognition and acceptance of both the pain and pleasure of human experience.  The works are thus at once colourful and sensuous, ascetic and sinister.

Bencomo has lived in the United States since 1968.  He is based in Miami, Florida, and visits Montréal and Europe on a regular basis.

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